Donald Trump University . . .

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"The state attorney general of New York is suing Donald Trump for $40 million, claiming that Donald Trump University is not a real university. The state claims it's not a real college because students get very little education and were unable to find jobs after they graduated.

Sounds like a real college to me."

-Jay Leno

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    Ha ha...
    THe recent college grads learned the best lesson of their life the last few years.
    I did not read the story but if you take tax payers money maybe you should be held to some standards.-Cyclist
    when we say the same thing about welfare recipients, you cry like a wounded buffalo Sopchoppy
    It's their money, they spend it how they like. Truth and honesty have nothing to do with it. - Mr Jr
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    Who would have thought a for profit university run by Donald Trump would be a scam? He only endorses ACN, the biggest pyramid scheme going in America right now.
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    This will look great on his resume if he ever decides to run for office again.
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