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Mods if this is in the wrong palce I apologize, but I owe this guy a payback and East Central is the area he and I are in, at least it is boating/fishing related.
Ed, and his wife at Daytona Discount Marine, 5644 So. Ridgewood Ave. (actually Allandale just south of Port Orange did something last evening to me that I have grown not to really expect in recent yrs, especially during these tough economic times. I really don't want to go in great detail, I want to leave Ed the option of wethar he want to do something like this in the future, but trust me it was WAY above the call of duty. I know for a fact it cost him some money and he did absolutly nothing wrong when I bought a part from him. Any how it was wrong, I didn't know it was wrong until I used it. He sold me the part I asked for. As i said Ed went above and beyond the call of dutu to get me into the part I REALLY needed. I honestly did not expect it, begged him to take some money, he absolutly refused!! I didn't want to argue with him, he's too big!!!! LOL
Daytona Discount Marine sells new and used Marine parts and accessories. Everytime I've been in there he and his wife take the time to listen to your needs, to help you find what you want, reasonable prices, and most important actually care that they help you out. Ed and I live a few miles from his store fairly close to each other, when I called him yesterday he insisted on bring home what I REALLY needed and I picked it up at his house around 8:00 P.M.! PLEASE, give Ed and his wife a try at Daytona Discount Marine. 386/763-4963 I don't think you'll be sorry


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