Matlacha's Freshwater Redfish

I wanted to post a few photos from the last week to let everyone know that despite all of the runoff coming down the river from Lake O, the fish are still out there. The entire length of Matlacha Pass is basically freshwater right now and you can't even taste the salt until you get north of Two Pines. I'm not saying that this is a good thing but I don't think the sky is falling and the redfish really seem to love it.

Here's a 25 incher from just before sunset this evening that my buddy George Schramm landed on a white Zoom.

Neil Cobley from England landed this one at low tide on Monday afternoon off the tip of Little Pine Island. He also jumped a beautiful tarpon that morning just a hundred yards away from where caught his red.

Some tailers I've been spotting out there. They were all over the place tonight once the breeze ended.


Another upper-slot red from George during the sunset low tide last week.

I know that all this rain and runoff aren't doing us any favors but I can't complain too much about what we're finding in the Pass right now.


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