Redfish and more Tampa Bay 8/27

Pesky South West winds blowing 15-20 mph limited areas fished Sunday. Combine a morning incoming tide and SW winds and the tides were very high. Water temperatures cooled again to 85 from recent rains.

Tampa Bay has ample Islands, canals etc that allows decent fishing protected from the wind. Sunday with good friend and super angler Dave onboard we made a very short run to gather bait. With our target big over the slot redfish we needed pinfish which makes awesome cut bait and casts long distances.

The first hour of daylight we searched mangrove shorelines but failed to see any redfish. We relocated to the outer edges of deep grass flats 5-7’. It was game on as we had non stop action for trout, ladyfish, bluefish and sharks. We started with small live baits then switched to MirrOlure MirrOdines which resulted in hit after hit. Next we switched to silver spoons which was killer to say the least. Often we had numerous fish fighting for our offerings.

With the tide a foot higher we returned to the mangrove shorelines. We could not find the school of big redfish that have been roaming near the Gulf passes. The windy conditions made sighting anything challenging. Moving to the protected side I finally spotted several redfish and we finally scored. Cut bait proved to irresistible for 22-24” redfish.

Captain Steven Markovich


  • SnookmeisterSnookmeister Posts: 1,035 Officer
    Sweet report captain. I am going to have to get off my snook and bass gig and target some reds in the next two months. Haven't gone after them since early May. I have never tried cut pins before. I always go with cut ladys or pogies. Do you use the whole thing and just kinda cut him up or do you cut off the head?
    Catch 'em and Release 'em!
  • RobpelotRobpelot Posts: 610 Officer
    I went out Sunday and it was just nasty. There were some big ole waves moving into terra ceia. My flat that has been holding the reds was just so uninhabitable due to the waves it was ridiculous. I went to a few spots but got nothing really. I went back home around nine. Had I stuck it out and looked at more than just two spots I could of turned it out...but o well. Maybe this weekend will be better
  • tokinredtokinred Posts: 202 Officer
    Excellent, informative post. Thanks for taking the time, Capt. Great job putting "Super Dave" on the fish.
  • barrynflabarrynfla Posts: 592 Officer
    Glad to see you out fishing and catching again. Hope your insurance company came thru for you.
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