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Hatch 9 Plus Finatic and G loomis NRX Pro-1 10 weight

mitzmitz Posts: 62 Deckhand
Price $1400, free shipping

*Willing to seperate*

Hatch 9 Plus Finatic and G loomis NRX Pro-1 10 weight

I bought this combo a few months back thinking I would really get back into fly fishing again. That hasn't happened and decided to invest into upgrading my fishfinder/gps because my current one decided to "grow legs" last weekend. I was due for an upgrade anyhow but figured a new unit is worth more to me then a high end fly rod/reel combo. New cost for everything combined was $1849.32 including FL state tax. My lose is your gain. Will only ship within US.

The reel is brand new, never used (comes with box, neoprene cover, warranty card etc) (have original bill of sale) Hatch 9 plus large arbor (blue color). $750
The orange backing is Hatch Premium backing @ 180 yds. (the other white backing is standard backing) $39.60
Airflo fly line (PVC free) Tropical WF-10F Tarpon/Permit - Sandy Tan color. $79.99

Rod: comes with rod sock ( was used a couple times to practice casting with an old reel) mint condition (no warranty card)
G.Loomis NRX Pro-1: 10 weight: 8'10": model NRX 10610-1 PRO-1. $775.00

Includes 14 flies: Never used, new. in order from left to right in pic:
Mark's Sardina Fly x3: $23.85
Blue Snooker: $3.50
ALF Tarpon Fly, Blue Back: $5.25
Tarpon Toad Chartreuse/Yellow: $5.55
Tarpon Destroyer, Purple-Black: $4.95
Splayed Tarpon Fly, Marquesa Sunrise: $4.95
Splayed Tarpon Fly, Coker Smoker: $4.95
Splayed Tarpon Fly, Phantom: $4.95
Master Jack Popper, White: $8.95
Flashy Fish Saltwater Popper, Green: $5.95
Painted Popper, Bright: $5.95
Tarpon Shrimp: $4.95

Total price came to $1728.34 plus 7% sales taxes = $1849.32


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