25 hr yamaha check

JohncdbassJohncdbass Posts: 153 Deckhand
I was wondering what service needs to be done for a 25 hr check up on a new yamaha. I would figure a lower unit and since its a four stroke that oil would be changed too? Anything else? Any idea on how much it should cost? Thanks!


  • JKPJKP Posts: 2,968 Captain
    Owners manual has a handy chart. Oil change and lower unit service. Check everything else. I would drop lower unit and lubricate everything while you can still easily do that rather than waiting until the 100 hour water pump change only to find seized bolts. Also need to lube prop shaft.

    It will cost you about $40 plus whatever you value your labor. Or you could pay $300 - $500 for it......
  • sterlingxs22sterlingxs22 Posts: 158 Officer
    My 20 hr they didn't change oil just checked everything ,and on 100 hr they did oil and all filters , put it on computer but didn't change pump , mine is fresh water mostly . Work was done at Yamaha dealer cost was $310.00 seemed fair .
  • Pat LPat L Posts: 440 Officer
    The engine oil and filter and gear oil should be change between 10 -20 hrs. What was their reason for not changing it? As far as what is costs it really depends on what motor it is.
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