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8/24 Offshore Fort Myers

We headed out on a friends boat and were in the water at around 7 at Pineland Marina. On the way out the conditions were much choppier than expected along with the thunderstorms in the distance. In 30' of water his one pin spot was completely decimated as it is fairly close to shore. Went to about 50' and loaded up with the pins and continued on out to the barges. At the barges we were greeted with green water, we set up for snapper but with no luck nothing. We sent out a crab and was immediately bombarded by 4 permit. They got the crab and we missed two permit there. We decided to go grouper digging, where we picked up a nice 30" at one spot. The grouper bite was very tough to say the least. After moving around quite a bit we headed towards the fantastico. Set up for the snapper and there they were along with maybe 100 big blue runners that we caught at least 30 of. We pulled in a nice group of about 18 yellowtails ranging from 13" up to 18". Most of the tails were all caught on shrimp with a few off squid. We used 25lb yozuri flouro and 1/8oz jig heads. Later on, I set out a crab under a balloon and it was nailed by a nice 37" TL permit. Managed to land it, and in came two bull sharks that stayed in our chum slick. We decided to call it a day and head back in to where we were greeted by those nasty thunderstorms. On the way in, I checked the weather and it said wind gusts up to 50 mph were expected. So we made it back in safely while dodging lightning.
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2005 Yellowfin 31 df/250's


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