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8/24 Gag

Left new pass with the intention of finding new bottom yesterday. Instead of going the typical WSW, I went WNW toward anna maria. The winds were pretty strong and the current was even stronger after this last full moon.

First did a little trolling for cuda/king near an artificial reef. I find them fun to catch and the small ones good eating. Didn't even have to use the downrigger. The line never had to spend more than 30 seconds before hitting another cuda. No exaggeration - it was amazing. We couldn't even rig up a second pole. Caught 5 and decided to go look for gag.

Found new hard bottom in 35, 45 and 55. I settled on 55 because the nasty brown water was not so bad out that far.

Anchored up and immediately caught short gag. Few minutes later got a nice 27" gag on a pinfish. That's when my anchor slipped off the bottom.

Tried reanchoring 5 more times with the same result each time. A combination of the wind, extreme current and the rocky bottom made anchoring impossible. Its very frustrating... I know we could have caught many more gag. This happens every trip, but this time switching to drifting wasn't an option.

I have a 27" Grady White and I have always had problems anchoring this boat on hard bottom. I have 10' of chain and a #14 danforth style anchor. Out past 100' of water anchoring is impossible on hard bottom. It just slips after a few minutes.

I'm considering moving to the bruce or claw style. I don't like leaving a lot of rode out due to the pendulum effect which makes ledge fishing impossible.

Any suggestions? I fish only hard/coral bottom.


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