trolling motor battery ??

P.cliffordP.clifford Posts: 226 Officer
Electronics is not my strong point. I have a 54 lb 12 volt minn kota on my skiff. My battery is located in my console and there is room to add a 2nd battery. Is it possible to double up the batteries on a 12 volt motor? I understand it's not going to be a 24 volt motor but I am hoping that I can get a longer run time out of the motor with two batteries. Can I do this? And will it double my run time? If it is possible; how do I connect the two batteries? thanks


  • anejo22anejo22 Posts: 1,511 Officer
    yes you can.i just got a wheelchair battery 55ah gonna use it next weekend with a riptide 45 it weighs 39lbs,will let you know how it worked from what i heard it works real good.two of them will have you 15lbs or so over your single battery now with more juice.its about a third less in size than a average battery.theres plenty online that will show you how to rig two bats for 12v
  • scrubtechRickscrubtechRick Posts: 269 Deckhand
    Yes you can, you just need to understand series vs. parallel

    Series increases voltage but not a/h
    Parallel increases capacity, not voltage
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