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Surf Fishing near Perdido Key

mattrat890mattrat890 Posts: 1 Greenhorn
Hi guys, been doing a lot of research on surf fishing and have a few questions I'm hoping to get answered. I've been coming to the panhandle all my life and never even given surf fishing a chance. Well, I'll be there 8/24-8/31 for a family vacation and I'd like to get a hook wet. Sounds like the pompano may be running while I'm there??? Is it possible to catch these while surf fishing? Is there anything in particular I need to look for? Any tips on rigging?

I've been freshwater fishing in Arkansas all my life, but this will be my first time saltwater fishing. Just had our first baby so I need some "quiet time" while I'm there. Any help is much appreciated.


  • Tom BriggsTom Briggs Posts: 3 Greenhorn
    Mattrat890 surf fishing is good in not crowded beaches.i do really good using small and I mean small freshwater hooks in the first gulley.i catch whitting pompano bluefish.but also catch catfish which I throw back in.i get fresh shrimp and put small pieces of bait on a top and bottom pompano rig.i use 3/4 ounce of weight on light rod.
    Now if you want bigger fish go to first sandbar and use cut baits with bigger rod and 3 or 4 ounces and cast as far as possible.Or you can rent kayak and bait rods and take them out past the surf and drop them in as a spread.You will be in shark area so you could get a lot of fish like big redfish,king mackreal,Spanish macs,flounder etc.
    If you want to fish on top of water look up - Bubble straw rig. - goggle search. Also goggle pompano rig.
    Best baits are live shrimp,minnows,fresh shrimp,and anything fresh.frozen baits is a waste.
    If you want pompano use sand fleas. Google search. Sand flea rake.
    Buy the rake at most walmarts - cheaper there.
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