New WEMA fuel sender; almost pulled my hair out

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Well, I got tired of replacing my fuel sender every two or three years. Some forum members suggested the WEMA fuel sender, so I finally ordered one and got it in 3 days. I didn't figure instillation was a big deal, I mean, 5 bolts and two wires (one black and one pink). I soldered the wires, then double heat shrinked them, then coated them with liquid tape. I thought I'd let the unit sit over night to let the liquid tape dry thoroughly before bolting it down. I left the old unit in-place to keep the hole plugged till I was ready to install the new unit. I turned the key on and moved the float up and down the shaft and watched my fuel gauge needle move in conjunction with the float. Perfect, everything's looking good.
@#$! It's always been black wire to ground and red or pink wire to hot, no what I mean?
Anyway, I thought it was a misprint, so I called MEMA. The tech said it doesn't make any difference how you hook the two wires up as long as there is a complete circuit. So, I got lucky. Didn't have to re-do my work.


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    I found that odd as well when I installed my first one.
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    As long as they aren't using the tank as a ground or if they are that you don't have the tank connected to - then it doesn't matter. Gauges just measure the resistance of sending units. There is no difference in direction.
    Not sure what they use for the sensor but others I've seen of that style have magnets in that ring and reed switches placed regularly up the shaft with resistors between each.
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