" Late Season Scallops" Homosassa 8/30/2011

I 've always considered this to be the late season, but there still is 25 days to go!! Well, we headed out and hit an area that we have been going to , and it didn't dissappoint. I never left a spot next to the boat, and had my limit quick. Same for Mrs. Ruff One, it wasn't long and she was holding up a full bag. We were on some tall grass and they were laying down in the grass. It helped alot being on the low tide. You could look right down in the grass, making it ideal for spotting them. They are still there--amazing!! We keep saying we are thru, but they keep calling us back. Weather was sort of rough, thunderstorms popping up, wind blowing briskly. Was maybe considering a cobia trip tomorow, but this weather is looking like maybe not.
Cooler shot.


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