Key West customer service

leadheadleadhead Posts: 90 Greenhorn
Just want to give a thumbs up to Key West. Just to make a long story short, I have a 2000 Key West Stealth. After isolating everything else I determined my gas tank was leaking. This is certainly not good news when you know that you are about to have to cut the deck out of your boat.

Anyway after cutting out the deck and removing the tank, I got in touch with KW. Talked with a Mr. Tom Marlowe and he agreed to send me a new tank at no charge, and paid for the shipping also.There is only a 1 year warranty on the tank itself. THEY DID NOT HAVE TO DO ANYTHING. For me to have a 40 gallon tank built or buy a new one this would have been a substantial cost.

Just wanted to let people know that KW stands behind their product and has excellent customer service. I will continue to buy KW products.


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    That means even more in today's bad economy. It is nice to hear a posotive story about a boat builder like that. Good luck with the repair I am sure your console is de rigged and there is a lot left to be done.:Rockon
    Keep on working millions on welfare are depending on you.
  • Aluminum or plastic tank ?
  • leadheadleadhead Posts: 90 Greenhorn
    aluminum, and if there was any good news its that the tank is under the front deck and the console was not involved
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