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Jupiter Inlet - Monday July 29th

Well, let's just suffice to say that the bite on the West side of the hump in the "Easterly" area of Juno Pier in the 65ft range today was ZILCH........ We marked fish, but caught only junk, not one Snapper... Water clarity all the way to Juno pier about 2.25 to 2.5nm offshore was horrible....

Moved to a reliable spot in 80-85 exactly due East of Juno Pier, water clarity improved a bit, caught two Snapper right off the mark and bahm... ...a dive boat pulls up right next to us and drops divers in the water like a alley cat having kittens... Was this a Monday or a Sunday :huh

Moved again, same area due East of the pier, only about 1/4nm more to the East, still 85'ish feet of water and caught a few Mangroves, one pretty decent size... Spoke to Rondo about this time, he managed to have a few Muttons on ice :kick

Finally moved to a spot due East of the inlet, 65'ish feet about 2.5nm offshore... Anchored up, hoping for some big Muttons, first few fish were decent Yellowtails, and them BAHM, big fish on, 50ft leader, fish is 15-20 ft under the boat, it's a big Mutton, and he... ....swam free.... Skipper and I were soooooo bummed... It was in the 15lb range, which would be the biggest in quite a while for us...

Also hooked up a lumbering Golaith in the same spot, straighten out a hook and off he went, but it was a fun ride on the Torsa 30 and JPR Acid Wrap while it lasted... Only burned my thumb a bit, even with the drag at 42lbs :hairraiser


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