PBI Afternoon Troll 7/28

Saw that the tide looked good hopefully for a little afternoon wahoo action. Left the dock in my 15 whaler with my buddy spence. Started off the dodge wall with a spread of 2 ballys with islanders, and a yozuri bonita. Zig zagged from 100-250. Had a few bites that just missed the hooks off of the tiara. Kept trolling until we were north of the juno pier, finally the reel started screaming in 140ft just off the ledge. Knew this was a nice fish by the way it was fighting. Saw color and realized it was a SMOKER. Spence slowly worked him to the boat where he made a couple more runs until i sunk the gaff in him. Called it a day after that and ran in before dark. Fish ate a blue and white islander over a bally.




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