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Our family normally goes to the keys to lobster and fish every couple of years, but we couldn't make it that far down this year and decided to make the trek to Ft. Pierce. One of us have been to Ft. Pierce years ago to lobster, but not to fish. I have a map ordered so I can do some more research about how far out 100 ft. is, 200 ft, etc. but I was not sure how close in you can start running into Dolphin and Wahoo. From what I can tell from reading we need to go about 12 miles out. I was wondering if anyone can offer some base estimates on the depths and miles out from the inlet we will have to travel to get some fish (I realize there are a lot of factors, but estimates are fine). We are not particular on catching something massive as long as we dont get skunked, since we only get to fish florida waters but every several years.

Also, is the reef fishing similar to the keys in that I can chum up some yellow tail in 60-90 ft. of water and also have a chance of having a pelagic fish run through as well? And are Tuna around this time of year? I keep reading about the bonitos everywhere but don't hear much about any tuna.

Thanks for the help and I will post some reports when we return (two weeks until we make the trip).


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    Also, this is our first lobster trip that is not during the mini-season. Hopefully there will still be some keepers that haven't been found????

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    The ledges in 60' and in 90' are loaded with lobster. Look for floating debris and weed lines in 150' or more for good trolling.
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