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Bearded Clam Tournament


  • Icatcher22Icatcher22 Posts: 320 Deckhand
    its a live bait tournament and no chumming is allowed. Lol never heard of this one before. Should be interesting to see who follows that rule.

    No thank you. Either all artificial or live bait - the live bait w/o chumming is asking for people to break the rules. And haven't heard of anyone else talk about it or say they are fishing it either.
  • Jack HexterJack Hexter New Port RicheyPosts: 4,771 Moderator
    Live bait without chumming is standard in So Fla for all the sailfish tournaments. Not even allowed to throw a bait over when changing them. Have to throw tired baits into a bucket
  • Icatcher22Icatcher22 Posts: 320 Deckhand
    Have no prior expierence or knowledge in regards to sailfish tournaments. I was more referencing inshore tournaments which I think this is - didnt look to much into it besides to see if it was live or artifical.

    All I know is any prior live bait inshore tournament I have ever fished in or looked into has never said anything about no chumming...flatsmasters being the areas biggest live bait redfish tournament along with many others...

    I just think that rule is asking for a dishonest tournament. It is very standard to have a chum bat to accompany a blacked out livewell in all inshore live bait tournaments in the WCFL area. This is just an extra stipulation that I believe people will not be used to.
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