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Gag and Cobia live baiting in shallow water.

So last summer we were limiting out on red grouper in 60ft of water ever time we went out..But this year all of our spots are coming up empty. But this past weekend we started out catching pinfish and threadfins on a wreck in 30ft of water...after we filled up our live well we moved on to 40ft of water were we found a small dip..We dropped down the live pinfish, threadfins and grunt and pulled up three keeper cobia, one keeper 29" gag grouper, released a 20" gag grouper and a sting ray that was near 4ft wide. We still were unable to find any keeper red grouper and we didn't catch a bunch of keepers but it was still a great day. i-bTQR2QB-M.jpgi-rfXc7jV-M.jpgi-KrkFjhQ-M.jpgi-ZHtSsLZ-M.jpgi-Fc4hvTC-M.jpgi-Z44FPxj-M.jpgi-TKVbkZR-M.jpg


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