Dania Wahoo 7.24.13

PottymouthPottymouth Posts: 1,547 Officer
Hit up Dania Beach it was beautiful out flat sea's light wind & current and tons of people going on the hunt for bugs. It was pretty fishy out, tossed the cast net from the Pa and loaded up on chum(small pilchreads). On the way out I got slammed by a nice king, once we made our way to the desired depth I tossed out my gog and it got slammed so of course I thought it was another king just bigger. Nope once I saw stripes I knew it was Mr Hoo and he was coming to dinner:thumbsup
king 45" Wahoo 46" to fork...[IMG][/img]DSC00083.jpg [IMG][/img]DSC00084.jpg [IMG][/img]DSC00085.jpg


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