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Bait runs?????

saltfishrsaltfishr Posts: 93 Deckhand
I always here people talking about bait runs at different times of the year. How does one know when this occurs, when they start, end and are they the approx same time?



  • Permit RatPermit Rat Posts: 2,283 Captain
    Now is the time when I used to look for big glass minnows in the Keys and stock up on 10 lb. bags for the Winter. Coming up on the East coast, will be the mullet run and times vary in accordance with the weather. Just a guess for this year but mid-late September should be pretty safe and they'll stick around for most of October. That is something that everyone should witness at least once in their lives. Stuart and Jupiter are most famous, but they'll be found much farther north as well. Snook, tarpon, big trout, and huge flounder all come out of the woodwork to feast on finger mullet.....on the flats, in the channels, you name it.
  • irishff727irishff727 Posts: 948 Officer
    shoot right now near bingham and snook islands the mullet are everywhere dam near knock you out of your yak when they start jumping .
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  • Big JohnBig John Posts: 577 Officer
    mullet run in aug/sept in nsb
  • saltfishrsaltfishr Posts: 93 Deckhand
    I suppose to kinda clarify my thoughts is I have only fished salt for a couple yrs now mainly sarasota area and I always see mullet but what I havent seen is a huge diffence at any one time of the yr. Maybe I am blind IDK. Now during the summer months I do seem to catch more pinners and such but never these huge roaming schools of mullet that people talk about
  • SCFD rtrd.SCFD rtrd. Posts: 1,390 Officer
    SW Fl. does have a run of big Menhaden in the fall. About Oct or Nov big schools of large Menhaden come in from the ocean and invade the flats. It's a great time to fish and stock-up on chum minnows.
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