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What have you noticed concerning on how the bite changes after a hurricane?

FrisbeeFrisbee Posts: 2,314 Captain
Good bad or nothing


  • FLTXhunterFLTXhunter Posts: 516 Officer
    Clouds the waters real good but doesnt slow the bite for long. Fish are fish and they adept well. Just like you and i eat after a hurricane, so do the fish.
  • Big JohnBig John Posts: 577 Officer
    before really well
  • troutman561troutman561 Posts: 575 Officer
    Bottom fishing offshore is usually awesome following a storm.
  • Mackeral SnatcherMackeral Snatcher Posts: 12,026 AG
    24-48 hours later is good also the same time period before if you can get out.
    I think it all has to do with the Baramatic pressure.
    It's the same with most systems.
  • Ol'DirtyCasterOl'DirtyCaster Posts: 2,422 Captain
    Snook and tarpon get stupid.
  • XafXaf Posts: 1,117 Officer
    For several months after one of the big storms years ago we caught muttons and yellowtail on spots out of Sebastian where we had never caught them before. We figured somehow the storm, which came in from the south, caused them to move north.
  • Bill@NSB[email protected] Posts: 207 Deckhand
    During Francis I was dumb enough to walk around the neighborhood with a guy who lived down the street.
    Went out to a dock just south of the coast guard station at ponce. Probably blowing around 70mph at the time.
    Big tarpon free jumping, rolling and feeding as far as you could see.
    Hundreds. Never forget that sight.
  • ElementElement Posts: 1,749 Officer
    We went out one day in August and caught kings, cobes and bull reds trolling wrecks here in NE Florida, we tried bottom fishing for a short time and caught endless short seabass. I would say the trolling was really good and there was plenty of life on the bottom. The next week a hurricane came through. Two days after it passed it laid right down and we rushed back out there and it was a barren wasteland. No bait, no fish. We even tried to sabiki grunts off the bottom since there was no other bait around out 20 miles and couldn't even catch grunts..... not even with squid. Not even a single seabass. When you can't catch a grunt you know the fishing is off. That was my only experience fishing anywhere close to a hurricane.. it sucked. It was like everything was pushed away.
  • SCFD rtrd.SCFD rtrd. Posts: 1,390 Officer
    Don't know about off-shore, but in-shore is red hot after most storms. Have fished SW Fl for years and on several occasions when a storm passed, fish just went crazy in-shore. When the waves get big and the water gets stirred-up, all the bait comes in-shore. Tons of bait, so many that the water turns black. All fish seemed to feed like their was no tomorrow. Another funny or unusual thing is that many fish were swimming on the surface and seemed to have no regard or fear of a boat.
    Word of caution: after a story there is lots of stuff floating in the water. Everything you can imagine is in the water and presents a real hazard to boaters.
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