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In a slump

Her guys just ranting and looking for some friendly advice. Been in a huge slump lately. Been hitting the waters and getting skunked a lot lately. Seems like spots that use to always produce are coming up dry. Been fishing a lot of the lake worth lagoon area Snook islands bingham islands ext. And nada thinking its a Lil to hot still or maybe catching wrong tide. All the signs for there to be good fishing are there. Bait is everywhere moving water and good cover for the fish. Is it just dead now for the shallow water. Seems like a lot of the good inshore fishing this year has been north. Irl hatchee or the west coast crb, pine island, ect. Just trying to figure out if I should be trying other places or if I have lost my fishing mojo. Was thinking about hitting up JD near trapper nelsons. Tomorrow. Amy advice. Maybe a finger ( not the middle) in the right direction.
time enjoyed wasted is not wasted time


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