Islamorada Backcounty/ south Biscayne Bay fishing report

Well Ya'll, again I have been blessed to have some more time on the water starting on saturday..

saturdays report:
I had Jim and his friendgirl from New Jersey for a 1/2 day fishing and a 1/2 day lobstering, in the morning we ran straight west to some banks off flamingo and deployed the chumbag, we caught 50 or so snapper mostly 12"ers But we put a rule on the boat that we would'nt keep them under 14" so after a few hours of fishing we had our 15 fish limit of snappers in the 14-18" range, most of the larger ones were caught on small pinfish or a large chunk of fresh ballyhoo. bycatch were a few 20+ " trout and a few small sharks..

In the afternoon we ran back towards town and hit a few bay ledges in the 8-10" class and got our limit of bugs by 3 oclock, it was a great day with great people..

sunday-- I had bill, his wife sally-ann, and holly (from key largo's save the reef), we did the full monty in everglades national park covering more than 80 miles, the day started off with a few throws of the net getting us lots of nice pilchards and pinfish, then we hit the first spot and bill got a 24" tarpon and a 18" trout on a small white clouser (fly), from there we ran North and just crushed the redfish, on bait bill caught a 30 and a 32"er on a creekmouth and 2 smallish snook, then we switched gears and went to the berkley Gulp on a jighead and started fishing some proven shorelines and the 3 of them just put the smakdown on the reds in the 22-26" range, catching as many as they could count, with lots of doubles and triples mixed in.

Monday--had bill, sally-ann and now john from Tampa, we did the flamingo thing again but opted Not to go the distance so we just stayed right around the marina and fished artificial, i think the tally by 2 o'clock was somewhere in the 50 fish range---all redfish, mostly in the island moats and some on the surrounding fats, we put the trolling motor down on the triton and just casted anywhere that looked good, we did find one flat that had 18" of water on and hit 5 different schools of reds that we were actually able to get to on the triton bay boat and the fish were hungry, one angler would hook a fish and the school would stay with the hooked fish and my other two anglers would just fire towards the hooked fish and bamisky--it was game on..
another great day in flamingo and did'nt have to go far :)

Tuesday--I had the same crew But this time I was coming up to Ocean Reef club to run Bills beautiful 18 Action Craft, we started the day by looking for permit on fly, we never had any shots, on the way to the next spot, I noticed some wakes so i slowed down and started poling, there were some poons rolling around and we threw some skitter walks at them and they went crazy, we hooked 5 and never landed any but it sure was a great show, after leaving the poons, there were some wakes up shallow, we pole over that direction and it was a school of bones about 40 fish deep, bill makes a nice toss with the little pink fly and in typicial bonefish action they blew up and hauled **** as far away as they could. so we changed gears and all put on some topwater plugs and went to a little secret snook and baby **** area, we went 2-22 on poons in the 20-30" range and got a few nice snook to 10#, after that we grabbed a few lobsters by ORC and called it a day..

wendsday--went back over to s bay with Camp, only flyrods today and we were looking for small poons in the morning, we found some some the barracuda's were faster to the little poppers then the poons we were throwing at, we went bonefishing after that, by then the wind had picked up to 20 mph out of the north and the clouds were tough we did have a shot a school of 5 mudding and i spooked them on the cast, then had a shot at a single with no luck, so we went home...

here are some pic's enjoy

Capt Brian Gwilliam


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