Salmon Fishing 2011 - Lake Michigan - August 10-14, 2011

Ahhh...75 degree highs and 55 degree lows...It is time for the annual salmon trip with the brothers Darryl (captain Hook) and Darryl (the farmer). Joining me this year was my buddy swifty from the Boston area. I tried to take our new moderator but he came up with some lame excuse.

This trip is not for the week of heart though. It is pretty much a 24/7 adventure. Especially if the weather doesn't knock out any trips, which this year it didn't.

We troll lake Michigan near the port of Ludington. Beautiful little town. We use downriggers, dipsey divers (really fancy planer board contraption that lets you angle it out away from the boat) and what they call planers up there but they are basically a type of spreader. A big board on a cable that floats out to the side and you slide lines down it on basically shower clips attached via a rubber band. Fish hits, rubber band breaks, game on.

Fishing was overall average but we did end up getting a few each trip. You basically do a morning trip from 5-9 and an afternon trip from 5-10'ish and sneak in 18 holes in the middle. Partaking of your beverage of choice pretty much the entire time... I think our best single trip was 5 for 12. Should have had more but it was the next to last day and the wear and tear and liver abuse starts to build up.

The baits/lures we user are pretty wild too. Spoons are a mainstay but the color options are unreal. And color is important. One color will get hot and they won't hit anything else. The naming conventions are pretty hysterical as well. Bloody nose, blue dolphin, monkey puke, etc... There is literally a book of names with the coor descriptions next to them so if you by chance hear on the radio that "michael jackson" is tearing it up, you look at the chart to find something close. It is a whole other language up there... Other lures are things called dodgers which are basically a 3"x12" piece of metal with a 2' leader to a "squid", fish catchers which is a similar crazy looking thing to the dodger, and j plugs. Not a hole lot of actual bait used while trolling although there is some use of basically a frozen sardine type thing called a meat rig.

But weather was fantastic. High's in the mid 70's, lows in the mid 50's. We basically camp so it was really nice for that. Got a few rounds of golf in as well. Even brought back probably 25 pounds of mostly smoked salmon to share (I had to bribe Mr. Moderator so I can get back on his boat soon).

Here is a picture of the haul from one of our trips. The guy on the left is my brother AKA Captain Hook(ie) and the guy on the right is my boston buddy Swifty. The fish my brother is holding is in the neighborhood of 23 pounds and was a lot of fun to fight. Swfity's are probably 15 and 17. The 23 pounder was the biggest salmon we have caught up there in a LONG time. Most are in the 10-17 pound range. He smoked up real nice too....


Came back to 95 degrees with a feels like of 102....but all is good with the world.

Tight Lines.
In Loving Memory of James Zielske, January 19, 1957-July 5, 2013


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