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Nikon D4

Cane PoleCane Pole Stuart, FLAPosts: 9,906 Admiral
Rumored to be coming out soon, maybe even this month. Wonder if it'll be less than $5k?

I'm still borrowing company cameras all the time to shoot, and awaiting my very own first DSLR. Still considering the D700 or D800 (if that ever comes out) and the Cannon 5D MkII, or possibly the MkIII (if that ever comes out)...since I plan on using it for pro video too.
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  • WaterEngineerWaterEngineer Posts: 24,415 AG
    Came Pole, we should get together for lunch, coffee, etc., since we don't live that far apart and I get up your way a bunch.

    Anyway, I am sure you follow www.NikonRumors.com and www.DPreview.com.

    Just today on Nikon Rumors they backed off an August announcement of a DSLR for August - reported is the August announcement will be a new mirrorless system and compact cameras.

    Many are waiting for the next generation of DSLRs - mostly because of anticipated updates in video performance (particularly or hopefully from Nikon but the Canon bodies are getting a bit tired.)

    If Nikon does not announce on August 24th then it is expected they will wait for the Photonika show in January to announce.

    As a very longtime Nikon shooter, I wish they would catch up with Canon. As for Canon, they have successfully transferred technology from their video camera to their DSLRs so they definitely have the edge on Nikon, and I expect they will for the forseeable future as much as I hate to write that factoid.

    I never thought I would do video but have been doing more and more. I too am toying with the idea of going to the FF Canon for video but what a nightmare to change systems.

    I have also looked at "proper" video cameras like the Panasonic AF-100 ($4,800) and the Sony FS-100 ($5K).

    Decisions, decisions.

    In a perfect world, what I would really want is for RED Cinema to meet all their pro demand and create a Pro-sumer EPIC format camera.

    I was fortunate enough to be around a RED EPIC for a day and a half in Miami. What a great piece.

    Also, in a perfect world Canon/Nikon would have a Raw-video format for all the reasons there is a still image Raw output.

    I saw the Raw files coming off the RED EPIC and what flexibility they allowed. WOW.

    It really wouldn't be that big a deal - just a software fix - and of course larger capacity cards.

    Now back to the original topic - sorry for the tangent. I don't think anyone knows outside small collectives at each Canon and Nikon when announcement and delivery dates are planned.

    Have you tried the D7K? I recently purchased one for the updated video - better - but Nikon could have gone so much farther.

    When the D4 and D800 and D400 finally show - I would expect great(er) things from the video side.

    Sorry, but reading back, I guess I wasn't much help.

    I would ask questions over at:

  • WaterEngineerWaterEngineer Posts: 24,415 AG
    Cane Pole:

    This just popped up about an hour ago on one of the web pages I monitor.

    Looks like the big Canon is coming.

  • Cane PoleCane Pole Stuart, FLAPosts: 9,906 Admiral
    I've been a Nikon guy since way back too. Still have my trusty FM2, though it hasnt seen action in 5 years or more. Some nice old manual lenses too.

    I'm releuctant to make the big switch to Cannon but it could happen.

    Choices, choices, choices....

    For now I shoot all my "fun" stuff with my Nikon P7000 and HTC Evo.
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  • WaterEngineerWaterEngineer Posts: 24,415 AG
    Comment on the P7000, please. Did you look at the Canon G12?
  • Cane PoleCane Pole Stuart, FLAPosts: 9,906 Admiral
    Aug. 24 the D4 cometh

    August 19, 2011

    By Brian Zinchuk For The Mercury

    For 99.99999 per cent of humanity (and maybe a few more 999s), Aug. 24, 2011 will not be a big deal. For professional photographers, it could be the second coming.

    Or more like the fourth coming.

    Aug. 24 is the widely expected launch date of the next generation of Nikon professional camera bodies. Following the naming convention, it will be called the D4.

    Every four years, like clockwork, Nikon releases a new generation of pro bodies. The release allows enough time for pro photographers to get their hands on the latest technology and know it inside and out before the next summer Olympics, which, in this case, is London 2012. Over the next several years, this technology will filter down into the consumer cameras that mere mortals purchase.

    Nikon and Canon have been going at it hammer and tongs for over a decade now, since the introduction of their first pro digital camera. For the longest time, Canon was in the lead, as evidenced by the vast majority of distinctive white Canon lenses on the sidelines of major sporting events. But that changed four years ago.

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  • mississippi macmississippi mac Posts: 4,222 Captain
    i think canon is about ready to put up a power play with a couple of updated models with features that nikon had surpassed them in...
    the 5d mk III is coming and will have a vastly improved focusing matrix which has been the achilles heel of all their cameras except the 1d series...
    also look out for a vastly improved 1d series as canon is dropping the apc-h sensor and going ff in the 1d...

    however, it's a mystery to me why canon realeased the 60d in a plastic body with only sd card slots and no major improvements in focusing....
    it won't be long before it's gone...it'll be doa like the 50d was....

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  • WaterEngineerWaterEngineer Posts: 24,415 AG
    Nikon missed the long anticipated August 24th for the new DSLR announcement. NikonRumors is reporting there will be two additional announcements between now and mid-September. A mirrorless and a DSLR are anticipated (still.)

    MM, I just shot video, while in Ireland with my new-ish D7000. I'm not happy. I really struggled with changing to Canon when I bought the D7000 becuae it seems I am doing more video than I ever thought I would. But, it is the lens investment that swayed me to buy another Nikon............ Nikon is woefully behind on the video side....still. Actually what I want is a proper video camera (form factor) that will accept SLR lenses for shallow DOF......I will keep dreaming.

    The motion portions of the video below are shot on the D7000.
  • mississippi macmississippi mac Posts: 4,222 Captain
    not bad, but i can see the difference between what one of my shooting buddy's 5d mk ii and your d7000...
    but there is also a huge difference in $$$$ too as well....
    i'm waiting on the lotto to buy a canon 7d....

    i understand your commitment to nikon, once you have a bunch of $$$ in glass you're pretty much stuck....
    pro friend of mine here in town is also a nikon guy and came close to changing...and i mean close....
    he was ready to sign a check for a 1ds mkii and some "start up" glass....then migrate away from nikon as funds became available...
    his wife talked him out of it.....

    The Real White Dog

    if you can't catch a fish...catch a buzz....
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