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repowering help

weetzaweetza Posts: 156 Officer
Own a 1989 17 foot action craft. Had a 1998 Johnson 2 stroke on it, 115hp. What is the least hp you would put on this boat. Weight is an issue and don't really want to go heavier than the old motor.
Leaning towards a 2 stroke because of the weight issue. Thanks.


  • jkvillejkville Posts: 6 Greenhorn
    I repowered my 2000 1720SE last Sept. I also sought advice from AC owners on several forums. I replaced an old problematic Merc 135EFI and went with the new Merc 115ProXS. It is much lighter than the old 135. The weight savings definitely made my boat handle differently. It will stay up on plane at much slower speed now with the 115. Overall not quite as fast as the old Merc 135 but pretty dang close. I prob lost 5-6mph overall. All the advice I rec'd was not to go below the 115 and go 2 stroke if I like the way my old 135 jumped on plane and the quick power. The 4 strokes are rock solid but I really liked the way my old 135 would jump out of the hole and flat run. It was a tough decision but I loved the 1720 hull and didn't want to part with my AC so I went ahead and made the investment and glad i did.
    Good Luck...
  • edczachor36edczachor36 Posts: 219 Officer
    Evinrude just came out with their 135HO E-tec. I have an ActionCraft 1890Se with the 150HO E-tec, it flat out fly's and sips fuel. Maint. costs are lower than most outboards too.
  • kmagnusskmagnuss Posts: 3,237 Captain
    I realize this is an old thread and the OP probably made his decision months ago... but figured others might look at it in the future so I'll chime in. On my 89' AC Bayrunner (17') I went with a 07' Merc 90 2 stroke and couldn't be happier. There's no 'getting up on plane'... it hops up on plane like a jet ski (I also have trim tabs which help immensely). Top speed isn't anything spectacular at a GPS'd 41 mph, but it's fast enough for me and definitely is a gas sipper.
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