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6/27 Red and Snook Insanity

Quick report as I am short on time, but the redfish and snook have been absolutely on fire. Have been getting around 30 fish per trip. Find some moving water, some shade for an ambush point, and fire some baits as close to the mangroves as you can. Had a 14 yr old with a 74" slam- 26" red, 28" snook, and a 20" trout. Along with tons of snook, and snook red doubles lately. Hoping not to jinx it as it has been great fishing lately! Both sides of the tide are producing, although the storms are making hard to fish the outgoing, so most fish are coming on the morning incoming. Lastly, have had some people hook some beasts- 35" + fish...but unfortunately with inexperience and tight quarters we lost those battles. Got some good 30" ones tho! Tight lines all, enjoy the hot summer bite!

Ok- started to put in photos and they all showed up sideways...sorry dont know how to fix from phone.


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