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i love penn products.. on 6/25 i bought the fierce, originally intending to buy a shimano.. but the fierce felt great in my hands, and the price was a bit lower so i comitted to it and bought it.. big mistake.. before this i was using a cheapie abu garcia cardinal sx10, which i experienced wind knots with MAYBE once a month.. a rare occurance.. ive used this penn on two trips and its been nothing but windknots.. i had 7 today in 4 hours of fishing.. and not the nice windknots you can pick out.. im talkin gnarley nasty ones that i had to cut the line to fix.. i probably lost 200 feet of line today.. this is unacceptable to me..

i know how to fish, i know how to spool up braid without getting line twist.. so what gives? i hear alot of people with this same trouble with the battle and the fierce.. should i have just went with my gut and got the shimano? long story short, i want to return this reel and get my money back.. i bought it from Handler in merritt island, and they said theres nothing they can do for me.. told me to contact penn.. im really hoping you guys can do something for me because ive been fishing penn reels for a long time now, and never been so unsatisfied with a product as this.. i own a captiva, a pursuit, a spinfisher, and a 4/0 senator.. never have any problems with these reels.. but i cannot keep this fierce.. its counter productive to be on the water all morning cutting wind knots out of my line.. any help would be greatly appreciated.. thank you



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    and i also forgot to add, the reel is still in mint condition, i have all the original packaging as well as the sales receipt .. thank you..
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    Wind knots are usually due to user error. Do a Google search for helpful tips on how to prevent them.
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    you must not have read the part where i said i knew all that.. i know how to handle braid.. and like i said, my abu garcia never knots up.. its not me, its the reel but thanks anyway
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    The Fierce was the first reel I bought for inshore fishing when starting out, and Ive had no problems at all. I can't say the same for my Battle, which I had to send back to Penn.

    Ive since switched over to mainly Shimano reels but the Fierce has remained a workhorse.

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    thanks PENN .. you were online for hours... answered everyone elses questions except mine... dont wanna speak up for your 60$ paperweight?
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    and it gets better.... just called penn directly and was absolutely stonewalled..

    why, if you are not satisfied with a product, can you not return it? if it doesnt perform to your standards it should be able to be returned no problem.. ive been fishing penn reels since i was 10 years old... basically a lifelong penn user.. and i LOVE all my other penn reels.. theyre great.. but this thing is a bonafide piece of crap and it aint no user error.. im having a hard time believeing this issue cannot be resolved.. but, it is what it is.. i will never buy another penn reel as long as i live.. thats what i get for STAYING LOYAL TO A BRAND THAT IVE USED ALL MY LIFE!!!!!!! ****.. should have went with the shimano..

    and i guess i am an idiot for trying to help out a local tackle shop, and keep my money with the mom and pop places.. because wal mart had the same reel, 5 bucks cheaper, and they would have returned it in a heartbeat.. god bless america, where no good deed goes unpunished
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    Sorry for the late reply. If you have time please give me a call.

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    I have the same problem with my sargus. Wind knot after wind knot. I have re-lined twice in 4 months.
    Tight lines
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    Tony .. thank you for your professionalism ... excellent customer service skills!
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    Got a battle 3000 only had 1 wind knot so far but thats from workin a lure. The fierce just looked and felt cheaply made to me so i spent the extra 40 or 50 bucks. Im also a big penn fan. Hope it all gets sorted out for you

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