Sanibel: Flounder Gigging?

we arrive sunday, for my first time. Is there any flounder gigging in the area?
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  • cprcpr Posts: 9,292 Admiral
    I've never heard of it. Visibility is usually about 1-2 feet on a good day.
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  • nuclearfishnnuclearfishn Posts: 8,353 Admiral
    I have not seen many on the beaches here. I used to see them at St Augustine all the time. Do you gig at night or during the day. Could be a lot of fun.
  • cerobitcerobit Posts: 32 Deckhand
    Nuclear, I used to gig Jax & Anastasia-Vilano a lot. Always at night, They would sometimes be in just a few inches of water.
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  • beargonefishinbeargonefishin Posts: 64 Deckhand
    I've never heard of any, but no reason not to try. If you're on foot, the small inlet at the bridge from Sanibel to Captiva looks like a great spot to try. I'd try to go up in the east side of the bridge and look around if you're able.

    Please report back of you give it a go.....good or bad.
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