Different Type of request - Any one know a repossession company that deals in boats?

rocknreel23rocknreel23 Posts: 85 Greenhorn
Hi Im in Central west region - Pinellas County and I need a boat removed due to the owner not moving it off of my property. It is on a boat lift. Better yet he states he owns the lift too. Just purchased the home and he had a certain amt of time to remove his property. I was generous and allowed it. Up to this point its expired and I want my boat in its new home. Any help would be great. I have an attorney. Just need a Repossession company

Thank you


  • notreelynotreely Posts: 653 Officer
    Have your attorney send him a certified letter asking him to remove the boat within one week upon receiving the letter. Have the letter also state ,If he does not remove the vessel at the end of that time he will be charged $500.00 dollars a week from that date and every seven days after. If he does not remove the boat in the first week chain it to your dock until he gives you your balance due. That's how a marina would handle it.
  • Capt.EdCapt.Ed Posts: 368 Deckhand
    Yes, as a marina owner.. thats exactly how it's handeled.
    It will be a sad day when the last little mom and pop marina is gone to developers and only the rich will be able to enjoy the waters of Florida.
  • rocknreel23rocknreel23 Posts: 85 Greenhorn
    Thank you guys
  • notreelynotreely Posts: 653 Officer
    Good luck ! Let us know how it turns out.
  • rocknreel23rocknreel23 Posts: 85 Greenhorn
    The guy removed his boat the next day. Another issue arose. He took the lift, pilings, and all electric. He owned the lift and was warned by my attorney to leave pilings -poles capped and filled. He was also supposed to leave the electric professionally secure. He took it all and the contractor did it. Crazy bc I never agreed and or signed any thing. I got home from a 48 hr shift and it was a surprise. I have contracts and pictures and an attorney so we will see.
  • notreelynotreely Posts: 653 Officer
    Call the police !
  • conchydongconchydong Pompano BeachPosts: 4,972 Captain
    notreely wrote: »
    Call the police !

    Police will say it is a Civil dispute and won't get involved.

    “Everyone behaves badly--given the chance.”
    ― Ernest Hemingway

  • notreelynotreely Posts: 653 Officer
    conchydong wrote: »
    Police will say it is a Civil dispute and won't get involved

    Rocknreel23 stated he had a contract of what could be removed. I would think if the guy took more than what's stated on that contract it would be considered theft. If I had a contract with a tree removal company to remove a tree from my back patio,and they also removed my lawn furniture. I would call the police.
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    The guy lost his waterfront home....his sportsmans dream home......let it fly....get yourself a new dock, lift and smile that you are now living your dream as well as his......
    Losing a house sucks, losing your dream house on the water could be a big step in the wrong direction with one in the chamber....
    Move on and forget about it.....hope that it is all over and start to enjoy....
    Get a good bottom paint while your getting your lift or dock....have the boat behind the house with some wall whips and a few fenders......time to go.....
    For the love of all outdoors recreational activities....what my spelling is off, that will learn ya. Pimping ain't easy unless u went to FSU, its a BS course.
    What do u get when you can connect the dots, color inside the lines, and get your release papers.....sentence served, times up at Felon sentenced university.
    Floridas first woman's college.
    The only difference between FSU and all the other colleges are other colleges accept you into the university's. At FSU you are taken into custody.
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