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I have a Mercury 125 hp. 2+2 salt water series (2002 model) two stroke that displays some odd trim and tilt behavior. When underway at less than 5 mph., the engine will trim up a little bit(several inches, perhaps 6). At any speed beyond 5 mph. it will not trim up at all. When not underway, it will tilt all the way up out of the water (not running). When on the trailer it will tilt all the way up. The question is, is this behavior normal or abnormal? Could something be amiss with the trim/tilt piston?


  • SCFD rtrd.SCFD rtrd. Posts: 1,386 Officer
    Yes, it's abnormal. At low speeds, at idle and on the trailer the motor should trim both directions without a problem. Some outboards will not trim all the way to the tilt positon when running at higher RPM's because of the torque of the prop pushing against the motor.

    In your case it sounds like an electrical issue. It's probably not fluid because it would have problems trimming in or out of the water if the fluid was low. Make sure you're getting 12 volts from the relays to the trim motor. On some Mercury motors, the wires to the trim motor going to the relays have a secondary connection. The wires will be low in the pan (hard to see). Follow the wires from the relays down to the pan and look for them to connect to the wires coming from the trim motor. If they are laying in the pan, they are probably corroded. Clean them up, apply dialectric grease and stick back together. Then pull them up as high as possible and zip-tie them to something to keep them from lying in the pan.
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