Father has friend stage robbery so he can **** 14 year old step daughter

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SPRINGDALE — A man who reported he and his children were robbed after a break-in at their apartment was arrested in connection with staging the crime, according to a police news release.

An accomplice told police the father paid him to fake a robbery, then force the father’s 14-year-old stepdaughter to have sex with him.

Fernando Monter-Verde, 31, of 4571 Greens Drive in Springdale and Joseph Samuel, 24, of Springdale, were arrested Thursday in connection with felony conspiracy to commit ****, misdemeanor false imprisonment and two counts of endangering the welfare of a minor. Monter-Verde, who police said set up the fake robbery, was also arrested in connection with filing a false police report.

Monter-Verde told police a man forced his way into the apartment and told the family to undress. The robber was holding something by his leg that may have been a gun the family told police. Monter-Verde, his stepdaughter and a 3-year-old child were in the residence. Plastic ties were used to handcuff the stepdaughter, according to the release.

Monter-Verde undressed, but the girl refused. The robber took money and fled, according to the release.

Police found a bag of plastic ties with two missing and condoms in a trash container at the apartment complex. The bag was marked with a store name, according to police records. When officers went to the store, they found surveillance video of the father purchasing the ties, according to the release.




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    ship em out
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    anejo22 wrote: »
    ship em out

    IN A ****ING BODY BAG!!
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    **** is wrong with people!!

    I would donate two of my rare .223 bullets to expedite the trial
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    Some folks just need killin.
    Hate to waste ammo on those
    carcasses though. Sometimes
    personal is more fun.
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    I'm confused. Which one was to be the one to have sex with the daughter? Stranger or father? No matter the answer, bizarre whacked out burrittos.
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    The mexican looking one.
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    The mexican looking one.


    You are a lot funnier at ta "udder place". Has there been a MIA sighting on you know who?
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    I'm not allowed to be funny here.

    Not heard or seen anything...
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    :machinegun gator bait those:Horse
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