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Sea Center on BIg Pine to the rescue!

Just to let the board know, I had a great experience with Sea Center on Big Pine Key yesterday. We had just released a white marlin and one of the crew said, “Is this red fluid supposed to be here?” pointing at the splash well. The cap on the hydraulic steering ram had screwed out about 1.5 revolutions and there was steady drip of hydraulic fluid coming from the ram. We could not tighten it with bare hands and didn’t have a tool that fits (I do now). I had noticed the steering was becoming sluggish, but I didn’t connect the dots.

We were 5 miles beyond the reef and headed in. The steering was becoming increasingly non-responsive. Once in clam water I called Sea Center, explained the predicament, and they said to get to their back entrance on the canal. We got there and they jumped into action, tightened the loose ram cap, purged the system and 30, minutes and $118 later we were back running.


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