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CR-6/25 Fishing with Mario

Had the pleasure of fishing with Mario(Ripnlips), as he joined Robbie and I for a day of fishing. The plan was for Mario to show us how to wrangle some Black Drum. We got a late start due to an appointment Robbie had so we headed to the Drum territory right away, without any tempting stops and were greeted with dead low tide. Fished around, getting a few trout & Jacks, waiting for some water. A lot of water came in but, as fishing trips sometimes go, we never really located a school and never hooked up although we found a couple non hungry fish before we left to see what we could find on the way back. Robbie got a couple near slot Snook, I got a 31"+ Red on topwater and Mario got the "Oddity Slam" with a Turtle, a cow nose ray and a Pompano. All in all we had a very enjoyable day. Mario was very knowledgeable about the area and, as always, generous with his knowledge. Plus he put up with a couple old timers without complaining. Fishing was tough, but it was a good day with some great company.


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