reds snook and trout in the sound

so i went out today with one of my long time buddies max molloy looking to put him on some solid fish and oh boy did we tear them up! we were able to sleep in a little later due to a later incoming which was very nice might i add! we were out on the boat around 9 a.m. and fising by 915. started fishing around some mangrove islands and oyster bars up in pine island sound with the low strong incoming. we started to pick off fish about every ten casts or so. we were using gold spoons, jigs and top waters. after i missed a fish my friend casted and instantly hooked with a solid 7lb 26" red. Several fish later we decided to call it for now and head over to the tween waters pool side bar for some burgers and plan out where we were gonna fish on the hill tide outgoing. we decided to mess around and look for some fish on the oyster bars out in front of buck key with only a few small takers and nothing large enough to entertain. we decided to go check out some of the docks in Roosevelt channel and found some very hungry fish! we threw threadies at them and hooked up every cast. we hooked and got worked by more fish than we can count some of which that looked to be in 40"+ range. after about and hour and a half there and 10 landed snook and many more lost we decided to call it a day with the afternoon thunderstorms looming over us.


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