WTB Tilt Piston 2002 Yamaha SX250TXRA

ShottShott Posts: 203 Officer
Tilt cyclinder end screw leaking, corroded and needs to be replaced. Parts diagram shows the trim (61A-43821-00-00)
has a replacement but not the tilt. Are they the same part? Can I order the trim cylinder end screw and use it on the tilt piston? If not does anyone know where I can get the used assymley. $400 is expensive when all I need is the screw. Thanks.


  • Fly HookerFly Hooker Posts: 4,199 Captain
    Shott, Why don't you just contact your local Yamaha dealer and ask them??? Many times its very hard to get the correct diagram and if you do it should be listed separately. Good luck
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