Monitor for photo manipulation and viewing

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As is often the case when I appear here -- I'm after technical advice for a possible gift for my wife....

She is a photography enthusiast, although perhaps not super technical. Our current computer monitor is an older 15" on the diagonal flat panel. It works, but I've got to admit I like my larger monitor at work for web surfing and email (all I do at home) and thought a larger monitor might be nice for viewing, sorting, and basic manipulation of digital photographs.

Are there specifications in a monitor I should be looking for specific to digital photography, or just look to get a generally high quality monitor?


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    HP's model W2338H is the monitor a lot of the pro's use, and it is very reasonably priced at around $225 - 250. It's big, and the color rendition is stunning.
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    Whatever monitor you purchase - calibrate it.
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    i'm using an hp s2031 with 1600x900 res....
    works for me and fits in the allocated space....

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    I use a pair of Dell Ultrasharp 2410's. They are very, very nice.
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