Lake Okeechobee Big Bites on Artificials

I was fishing on Lake Okeechobee a few weeks ago with some fellas from Ohio. They had told me that the everglades bass were too easy and they did not care to catch a 100 normal sized bass but would like to catch a few good hawgs. I suggested Lake Okeechobee for some chubby chaseing, which turned out to be a great idea. A week prior to this trip I had found a school with some pretty good sized fish, so I was hopeing they were still around. They started off with three some small fish and then then it was on like donkey kong. Bruce was working a BoohYah spinnerbait, clacking it on the surface.....making a heck of a fuss. But it did trigger the first chubby of the morning. Then Bruce followed that one with a ten pounder on the same bait, same technique. I made a cast and was looking around to see what was happening in the back of the boat, when I looked back at my frog it was gone. I set up just in case and was rewarded with a heck of a fight from a beautiful nine plus pounder. We fished for 6 hours and got 12 fish. All released to fight another day. I love days like this.



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