Destin pass inspections by FWC

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I always read the "FWC DIVISION OF LAW ENFORCEMENT FIELD OPERATIONS" rap sheet that is posted on violations discovered during routine safety inspections. Why is this list of inspection-fishing violations always 5 to 10 times greater than any other county inspections?

Seems like Destin pass has a higher amount of stops. Mr. Coker, with computers and reporting the way it is, could you please compile a list for me showing number of stops and % citations issued at the different passes in Florida? Thanks for your help.....


  • In all fairness to Mr. Coker, he is Fed not state.

    (and we all know neither really knows what the other is doing in most cases)
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    Because Destin has a young power hungry musclehead that pulls over every boat that come back into the pass almost daily.
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    You will need to contact the FWC for that information.
    You can reach their dispatch at 888 404-3922 and I'm sure they can put you in contact with a person who can help you.

    My purpose on this site is to help everyone understand Federal Fishery Regulations and to provide information. Working with the Florida Sportsman is a collateral (volunteer) duty I asked for and enjoy; I will only give you an answer that I’m willing to put my name on and stand behind. Sometimes that means checking with other agents/offices in the area of concern.
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    It may be that the Destin area FWC does a better job of reporting than other areas! I know of several cases in the Wakulla and Franklin county areas that have never showed up in the operations reports "major violations at that"!!
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    I would think they should all fall under the same rules of reporting violations, with this report being drawn from that information. Maybe what you say is right as they seem so screwed up on everything else. Consistently inconsistent!
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