Sarasota from June 7- 12, advice needed

Hey I live in Ft Lauderdale and am going to be inn sarasota coaching a baseball tourney from June 7-12. I am just seeing if anyone can point me in the directions of good snook beaches in this area. Also may have a kayak and wouldnt mind wading some flats. Not looking for secret spots just a general good area or two. If you want to pm me we can trade some info for the Miami- Boynton area. thanks


  • Blue MagicBlue Magic Posts: 20 Greenhorn
    Her's a couple of places you can launch the kayak from. Also some of these places you can wade fish
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  • JoshWJoshW Posts: 523 Officer
    The snook are thick from Turtle public beach north to Pt of Rocks. The rocks hold a ton of snook off the beach if you bring a kayak. It is also a great spot for tarpon and sharks.
  • ColmColm Posts: 73 Greenhorn
    Hi Guys, don't want to hijack the thread but question for Josh. I'll be in Siesta Key end June. Can Point of Rocks be waded to get to the Snook your talking about or is it just by Kayak?
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