Mutli Function Meter (Square)

jk085016jk085016 Posts: 31 Deckhand
HELP.....My Speed and Fuel Meter Unit no longer reads speed. Not sure if I messed it up trying to change the settings in custom mode or my mechanic when he did the 100 hr service on my 175 VMAX. Is there something I can do to troubleshoot or is it best left to an expert.

I'm not sure what kind of speed sensor I have. I have switched the display to read GPS on and GPS off neither setting works. Fuel reading are working fine

2012 189 C/K, 175 VMAX


  • Renagade69Renagade69 Posts: 1,232 Officer
    Egret never connects the GPS up to the Yami gauge.. I had to install mine to my gps myself. The GPS unit must be powered up and set up to send NEMA 0183 sentences if you are connected to the GPS. The gauge will read "---" while you are sitting still.

    You are more than likely connected to a pitot tube. It is possible that your mechanic did not connect the rubber tube on the lower unit back up after he installed a new water pump kit or the little hole is clogged on the lower unit.
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  • jk085016jk085016 Posts: 31 Deckhand
    Thanks Renegade69 your comments were quite helpful.

    The pitot tube looks like it is connected to the lower unit, but the hose might have been pinched. A shot of air thru the tub would give me a speed readout if I had a compressor. I will test on the water instead.
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