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Bee's in my attic in South Miami / Pinecrest - who would you call?



  • hooknlinehooknline Posts: 5,523 Admiral
    So you're in agreement the states position on bee removal is detrimental to the overall health of bee populations? Sure they're an insect, but if they can be removed without killing or the use of toxins, do you think that would be a better option. Only as it applies to bees of course
  • got ants?got ants? Posts: 9,140 Officer
    Actually I have mixed feelings on the subject. Especially having dealt with AHB's before. They do, and should be eradicated, if for no other reason, but to protect the EHB's.

    You, nor I, can tell but just looking at them if they are AHB's or EHB's, and the state does not have the resources to test them either.
  • hooknlinehooknline Posts: 5,523 Admiral
    There's no way to tell just by looking at them. They're already hybridized with ehb's here. Some colonies are more "spicy" if you will. I've dealt with them. Brazilian queens can breed some crazy daughters that are worse than ahb's. the only way to tell ahb from ehb from Hawaiians from autralian from etc is their behavior traits. And some build more comb than others. But to put out a blanket statement to eradicate all swarms is irresponsible at best. At worst it has the potential to eradicate a bunch of crops around the world if bee keepers cant get a handle on colony collapse disorder.
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