Dolphin Boat Owners in Miami, Need your help

OK, I'm looking at a '94 Dolphin 20 ft w/ a Yam SSII 200 on the back w/ a 2 yr old powerhead. I viewed the boat today and it needs a little bit of work, but everything except the livewell is working right now. Trailer needs some work but I can get that fixed. My thoughts are to turn this boat into a Bay Boat. It looks like I can fit a trolling motor on the front bow deck and would have to re-configure one of the forward side seats to add a door on the top for batteries there. The owner says it floats very shallow, but also handles the chop pretty well. Said he's taken 6 guys out spearfishing on it before.

Any owners of this 90's 20 footers think they can successfully be modified to be a modern day bay fishing machine? I've heard they are built well and ride well and I like that they've been in biz for 40+ yrs in Miami.

aka - Dr. Strangegill


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