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Knapps Point Tarpon

A little bit of a late report. But Had a great day tarpon fishing out off Knapps Point about a week ago. It was a beautiful day out as we started off by getting a bunch if big threads at the causeway around 7:30 am and by 8:15 we were setting up our drift. After drifting for about 20 min with no luck we finally spotted a pod and headed over to it. Almost instantly we were hooked up with our first fish and a few minutes after we hooked up again to give us a double. During all this we had a line dragging off the back of the boat and of course that line had to go off too, but unluckily we only had two people on the boat so there wasn't much we could do and it ended up jumping off. We ended up landing the first two which were smaller fish in the 80lb range.

After the first double we didnt have the same luck as earlier, jumped one fish in about an hour. Then we saw another pod and made our way over to it. The other boats were all over this one which made it a little more difficult, but we still managed to hook up one more time and ended up landing it. After landing it we went back over to keep pitching baits at the pod and eventually hooked up and landed another fish. At this point it was around 11:45 and we had to head in because my friend had an afternoon charter. as much as we didnt want to go in we couldn't complain about going 4/6 in 4 hours.

I havent been able to get back out since then, but I plan on trying to get out there this weekend to pull on a few more!


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