BIG BULL Dolphin and 2 nice COW Dolphin. Ft. Pierce, Fl.

I know this should be in the South East Portion of the Forum, but my hometown is Port Everglades. Well i thought it would be cool if i could post it here as well. I was invited to go to Ft. Pierce for the Memorial day weekend by my friend John at my school. We got there Thursday late afternoon and got tackle and supplies we needed. The next day, John and I head out to see if we can catch some fish. We caught one bonita at the boils and had something else that pulled the hook. Also saw some free jumping spinner sharks. The next day (Saturday) we planned to go offshore for dolphin and possibly Sailfish. We wake up at 4:30am on Saturday and get on the water before sunrise. We head out with waves any where from 2-4ft. Wind blowing pretty good, meaning we were getting soaked on the way out. We finally get to the dolphin grounds and start trolling in 200ft of water. Trolled ballyhoo and artificials. Got nothing. Trolled for a few hours then decided to drift with live bait in hopes of sailfish or dolphin. Started drifting in 200ft of water for about 30mins. Got no hits, so decided to go a little shallower. Got to 150ft. of water for about 30 mins, got nothing. Got to around 100ft of water and drifted some baits. We had bought Threadfin Hearing from the bait guy in the morning, and John and I caught two BIG blue runners the day before and penned them up over night. Back to the story, got to around 100ft with nothing yet. About 10mins into the drift, BOOM fish on! Nice Cow Dolphin Jumping and Screaming line off the reel. Gaffed her and put her in the box.

About 10mins later another hit, but this time on the BIG blue runner. This blue runner was an easy 10 or 12 inches long. Just goes to show you that these dolphin have a BIG appetite. Well anyways, John ends up catching this other Cow Dolphin and it's putting up a show for us. A few minutes later i gaffed her and put her in the box.

About another 10mins later John's dad, Reed, Grabs the rod that had a threadfin on it free lined. The reel is screaming like never before!! Then before you know it the rod closest to me bends over!! While Reed is fighting his fish, I'm fighting one two! I'm thinking we got a school of dolphin coming up to the boat. While we are both fighting a fish, I soon realize that we are fighting the SAME fish!!! Took about 20mins to bring it in the boat with both of us fighting the same fish. Came to the boat and ran off about 3 times and kept trying to swim under the boat. This 30lb Bull Dolphin ate a Live 10'' Blue Runner and a live threadfin Hearing. Again, goes to show you how much of an appetite these fish have. ALSO we opened it's stomach and had a Ribbon Fish about 2ft long!! CRAZY! haha Here are all the pics I have.

I have video of all of this. I will post another forum when it is uploaded on my YouTube Channel. To stay tuned Check it Out: "SmittysFishing" -
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    Nice fish!
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    Well done! You can make some delicious wraps with blackened dolphin!
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    living life as i like
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    nice catch!
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