Flamingo fish mercury issue?

One of my buddies brought to my attention he's heard a rumor of fish from the Flamingo area having too much mercury for consumption... Any truth to any of this?
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    There were warning signs for years at both boat ramps down at Flamingo but they only warned against eating lots and lots of fish (serious paraphrasing here). If you want to know more contact the Visitor's Center at (305)242-7700 during business hours. If I remember correctly they were more concerned about the freshwater side of things but did warn against eating fish more than once a week. I always thought the warnings were barely justified (the usual government telling you of the many things that might one day be a problem...) but that's just my opinion.

    I'd be glad to listen to anyone with more knowledge on the topic since I have many anglers that I cut fish for almost daily unless we're doing catch and release...
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    This thread is touching on the specific subject matter of Human Health Criteria that FDEP is currently reviewing as part of the statewide water quality changes. I believe that mercury is going to be addressed through another but similar process here in the near future, through a TMDL process.

    With that said....google is your friend.



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    If I'm not mistaking you are not supposed to consume more then 1 trout a week because of the mercury level .
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    Not sure if there are any experts (I'm not) on here on the methylmercury formation anaerobic process, wetting and drying in our soils wetland soils, but this might be a good topic for a fishing club.

    The limited consumption advisory is focused on those fish in the NE Florida Bay. That area has been the focus for a long time. It has to do with the drainage patterns from that portion of the wet prairie and the increased drying out period of the wet prairie in this area....I believe as I have not reread the data in some time. Another reason I believe that hydrating the wetlands will decrease overall degradation of the system.
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