Snook/Reds on the Burnt Store Bar 5/25

Did a different trip the other day as I usually head out into PISound or San Carlos Bay. Instead, we went out of the Matlache Park Ramp around 7 am in search of bait. We stopped a few miles north of the bridge and after some heavy chumming we were able to load enough pinfish to take a shot at a few stops. We ran up to Pirate Harbor but there really wasnt enough water to do what we wanted. So, we headed to the Bar...

We pulled up to a rather popular spot and watched as some boats were really into some early morning snook and redfish. Since they had the area heavily crowded we moved down a few hundred yards and set up shop. We beached the boat and waded for a few minutes. I had enough of that and decided to get back into the boat and rest and have a gatorade. I placed my rod into a holder on the front deck and sat back. It was rigged with a pinfish cut in half and I just left it under a cork to soak. As I sat back I kept my eye on it....and watched as it sailed under pretty quickly....

Before I could get to it the rod doubled up and 30 ft. of line shot off. I jumped up and snatched it up and the fight was on as I headed over the side to run the fish down on foot....I gathered up line as fast as I could and before you know it I had the fish pretty much **** on the light tackle....she went 32.5 inches and was well over 10 lbs....



We hung out there for a bit but didnt get into anymore fish until we made yet another move. My buddy was now onto some fish as he was broke off twice in a matter of minutes. We worked the area over hard and picked up three redfish to 26 inches.....and then that was pretty much it. We called it a day.

It was good to score some fish in an area we really dont spend much time at all. I thank the LORD for the blessing of landing some fish to take home and a nice snook to catch and release.....
[SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]Trust in the LORD and receive HIS many blessings....


  • BinderBinder Posts: 3,875 Captain
    Nice snook & report
  • LonghaulLonghaul Posts: 1,745 Officer
    Come sept you can take that snook home.
  • GatorInPISoundGatorInPISound Posts: 543 Officer
    And believe me brother, I shall....
    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]Trust in the LORD and receive HIS many blessings....
  • 863 maverick863 maverick Posts: 10 Greenhorn
    Sweet Bro ...:fishing
  • CapnAhabCapnAhab Posts: 250 Deckhand
    Awesome man I was thinking about hitting that up by foot pretty soon. I live in Cape Coral so I might just go wade it one weekend morning but I'm not that familiar with it too much.

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  • RMDRMD Posts: 1,796 Officer
    I dont fish inshore much but find it amazing how well you guys do in the skinny water. Great report and pics!
  • GatorInPISoundGatorInPISound Posts: 543 Officer
    Guys, I dont really know it well either, we did it for a change of scenery. But, I will say this, wait until that bar gets covered with water on a good high tide and then pitch pins or shiners into the sandy areas and wait. Its also good to watch for the mullet schools....
    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]Trust in the LORD and receive HIS many blessings....
  • If1shalldayIf1shallday Posts: 464 Officer
    Great report
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