OPINIONS NEEDED - Scotty Rail Mounts

CookinmanCookinman Posts: 880 Officer
Mis- TYPE in the title - I need info on - Yak attack Trac Mounts-

I'm thinking they will solve some issues as far as spacing on my Scupper Pro - But **** if they do look kinda flimsey to handle a good sized rod in a Scotty holder - especially if it gets hit on the troll from a good size king.....

Any of u guys use one OFFSHORE and what do you think. Solid tool or Gaaahbage? :huh


  • Lt.FireDogLt.FireDog Posts: 1,112 Officer
    What are you asking about the Scotty rails, or the YakAttack GearTracs??

    The YakAttack GT90 & GT175 are made from marine grade anodized aluminum and also have matching backing plates that allow these tracks to handle heavy weights & stress. Both were designed with military applications in mind.
    YakAttack also offers the GTSL90, which is a nylon reinforced track that is designed for lighter applications. They are offered in multiple colors.

    The Scotty' s are are made of plastic........
  • Lt.FireDogLt.FireDog Posts: 1,112 Officer
    Need to add that the the YakAttack FullBacks are the matching backing plates for the GearTracs, the FB-GT175's are constructed of nylon & stainless steel and the FB-GT90's are made from aluminum.
    Both options can be used in blind installs, meaning that you have no access to interior of boat for thru-bolting.
    For blind installs you will need to purchase the matching RiggingBullet.

    Hope this helps........
  • CookinmanCookinman Posts: 880 Officer
    LTFD - I was actually asking about the yak attack mounts - I couldnt or didnt know how to edit the topic.

    I think the tracks and subsequeent Scotty gear head mounts are pretty **** slick and quite space saving ( especially on a Scupper Pro ) But on the other hand I'm a little suspect as they look ( in pics ) to be kinda flimsy looking where the track connects to the Rod Holder....

    - I was hoping some of the folks that fish bigger offshore game like we do in on the East Coast would chime on w real world stories/ experiences of how tough they are / aren't based on big strikes while rod in holder if possible....

    Thank you for your feedback sir !
  • CrstyCptSWitherspoonCrstyCptSWitherspoon Posts: 590 Officer
    I think I have the narrow yak attack ones. Haven't really used them since I got a sail. Worked decently, easy to set up and take down. Problem was trolling when you have one on the left size. Any hit on the rod makes the the base spin a bit. Was pretty useful for live baiting two rods and jigging at the same time. I used a makeshift back plate to make it stronger.
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    If it helps at all, and IF you have flush mounts I actually bought a pair of these from our very own Lt. Firedog! http://kayakfishinggear.com/scottygimbalmount.aspx

    Paired with two scotty POWERLOCK rod holders, I have solved all my issues (both inshore and offshore) Inshore, I can adjust the rods so that they lay low to avoid tree branches, bridges, and any other structure. Offshore I can troll two rods at one time, change my angle pretty easily AND I don't have to worry about a big king ripping my PVC right out of the zip ties to my crate (happened once, and lost the fish). Another plus? if I roll/flip in the surf my rods are not sticking straight up and way less prone to breaking in half. Last plus? Reels are up and farther away from the salt than they were before.
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