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LoganGLoganG Posts: 48 Deckhand
So i might be getting a Orvis Access 9-11 Reel ,And am looking for a good 9 weight fly rod under 250$,I have looked at the Temple fork outfitters bvk,ticr x and the mini mag,Also another rod that caught my eye is the cabelas L-tech saltwater rod for 150$,This rod will mainly be for Muskie and Landlocked Striped bass as i live in Tn,But I Do some inshore fishing in the panhandle redfish,False albacore, King mackrel and Tarpon.

Opinions please. Also Dacron or gel spun backing?


  • ZhunterZhunter Posts: 226 Deckhand
    Get the TFO BVK or the new TFO Mangrove, both are awesome and fit your budget
  • mtd885mtd885 Posts: 1,159 Officer
    I would look for a used TFO TICR. My friend Jim is an avid Musky fisherman and he tells me that rod is perfection for that purpose. Backing, I use 65# power pro with a braided mono loop to the fly line.
  • DogmanDogman Posts: 450 Deckhand
    I have a TFO 9wt Mangrove and I love it. I use it for pike up here. I would imagine it would handle muskies as well. It is not as stiff as the TICR but has plenty of back bone. I have an 8wt TiCrX as well but I prefer the action of the mangrove rods.
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  • finbullyfinbully Posts: 636 Officer
    Another vote for TFO here.
  • chalmerspchalmersp Posts: 265 Deckhand
    mtd, can you explain your setup for backing? Not trying to deviate the topic to this one, but ive been curious as to how youd rig a reel with braid... Needing to add stretch in places and whatnot!
  • LoganGLoganG Posts: 48 Deckhand
    Ok,So Now its time to choose a reel preferably under 300$,Decided not to go with the mid arbor reel,So Need a large arbor reel. Also 20 or 30lb backing for 9wt i have about 200 yards of 20# orange backing laying around.
  • Captain HookCaptain Hook Posts: 107 Officer
    Reddington predator is a great rod that can be foud cheap on ebay. I have two and like them as much as my loomis and st croix. Both of my predators are the short 7'10" versions 6 and 8 wt. Loaded with rio outbound they are great for chucking large flies and fishing cover and structure.
    For the money the colton torrent is the best reel on the market hands down. Check their ebay store. Awsome quality and drag comparable to some of the big name reels in the 600 - 1000 price range. Huge backing capacity and enough drag to handle tarpon sharks, tuna and big stripers. They have 4 sizes in the reel even the small one would handle most inshore applications.
  • SMillerSMiller Posts: 85 Deckhand
    I was recently in your shoes. I went with the Orvis Hydros Large Arbor on a TFO Mangrove rod. I cant say enough about it. Both the rod and reel are around 250.00 each so it fits what you are looking for.

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  • Captain HookCaptain Hook Posts: 107 Officer
    I have the hydros large arbor IV and can compare it to the torrent. Actually no comparison, the hydros is decent while the torrent is significantly better and comparable in price. The only edge the hydros has is weight. Overall the torrent is a **** reel period.
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