20130523 - Night Trip - Off Venice, FL

Left the dock about 11:00 hours. On board were Chuck from Mahi Macs bait Shop, Manny, Neil and Bob.

Stopped to sabiki blue runner, pinfish and speedos.

Started fishing for grouper at about 13:00 hours. The red grouper were biting, albeit rather slowly. Best depth appeared to be about 105'. They preferred frozen bait to live. After about 3 hours moved up to a grouper/snapper area. The snapper were biting well and we managed to find some schools of fairly large fish.

At about 18:00 decided to anchor for the night. After about an hour, the bite slowed and we moved to another location. Fishing was steady until about 23:00 hours, then it shut down completely. It started back up at 06:30 and I tussled with a large lemon shark for 20 minutes before cutting the leader.

All-in-all a good trip. Total catch 17 Red grouper to 30", 28 mangroves to 23", 6 yellowtails to 22" and 4 lane snapper to 18" and an assortment of porgies, etc.





><))))*> So Many Fish, So Little Time


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